Dream Silks Bedding

Introducing our Dream Silks™ product line.

Long-strand silk is made by unraveling silk cocoons. These are 1500- 2000 feet long, and are then intertwined back and forth and side to side to form a breathing, heat-reflecting layer that keeps you warm on the coldest nights.

Our 233-thread count 100% mercerized cotton outer shell binds the silk into squares to prevent shifting moving and clumping.

Silk is designed to last 50 to 100 years which is why we are the only company that has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our Dream Silks™ product line consists of duvets, mattress pads and pillow covers in all bed sizes from baby to California king.

Dream Silks™ comforters are completely machine washable in cold water using mild detergent, and can be dried either by hanging indoors not in direct sunlight to avoid UV rays damage to the silk or you can use the air fluff or cold setting of your clothes dryer.

Silk is a very strong fiber and it does not deteriorate causing no dust. Silk is the only natural fiber that is recognized as not hypo-allergenic but non-allergenic.

You will notice the difference in thickness and weight when comparing silk to other types of bedding. This is the main concern customers have that something this light will keep them warm. Dream Silks™ duvets are literally half the thickness and half the weight, but the difference is that silk breathes. Even though silk is not as thick as other bedding our duvets contain enough to keep your body warm. Other forms of bedding trap the heat causing you to overheat. Silk reflects your own body heat and because it breathes you feel completely cozy and warm.

Once you sleep with a Dream Silks™ duvet you’ll never give it up. If people knew about silk before buying any other bedding, they would never purchase anything else to sleep with.

Dream Silks Comforter Baby

Silk-filled Comforter in 230-thread count mercerized cotton cover, for dust- and allergen-free warmth and comfort, packaged in eco-friendly canvas draw string bag for easy storage.

Baby 35” x 42” 1.32 lbs
Twin 66” x 84” 1.76 lbs
Double 80” x 84” 2.20 lbs
Queen 86” x 90” 2.64 lbs
King 90” x 102” 3.30 lbs
Cal King 90” x 108” 3.96 lbs

Mattress Covers:
Baby 27” x 52” 1.32 lbs
Twin 39” x 75” 1.76 lbs
Double 54” x 75” 2.20 lbs
Queen 60” x 80” 2.64 lbs
King 78” x 80” 3.30 lbs
Cal King 84” x 80” 3.96 lbs

Pillow Covers:
Standard 20” x 28” 2 pcs
King 20” x 36” 2 pcs

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