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Cuticle Pushers

Taking care of your fingernails starts with repairing your cuticles. Here, you’ll find expertly-crafted cuticle pushers that are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. They are made from the high-quality stainless steel to last a lifetime and have a no-slip handle to ensure a secure grip, enabling you to work close to the cuticle without slipping and damaging the nail or finger. All cuticle pushers are easy to use, easy to clean, and guaranteed to bring the results you’re looking for.

This professional cuticle pusher allows for very fine and sharp edge work. The pterygium blade removes the forward growth of the cuticle that adheres to the base of the nail. Also cleans acrylic from the nail. The hollow end is 3/8″ wide.

Migi PushClean Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner

Our stainless steel 2-in-1 nail tool combines our cuticle pusher with a convenient nail cleaner. Super-thin edges are buffed smooth to prevent scratching while the textured body provides a perfectly secure grip.

Tips & Tricks

To push and clean effectively, follow these easy steps: Rub ample amounts of moisturizer or cuticle cream into clean nails and hands to gently soften skin and cuticles.  Soak hands in a bowl of warm water with your favorite essential oil or Epsom salts. (Avoid soap at this stage, since soap-over-kill can be drying.)  Gently clean under and around the nail using the fine end of the of this quality, stainless steel tool.

Use the pushing end to delicately push back the cuticles on each hand.  If there is excess dead cuticle build-up, trim extra-carefully with our precision nippers.  Wipe any excess oil off nails with polish remover. Follow up with our other precision manicure tools.

Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

This heavy-duty clipper has sharp, straight edges for cutting toenails and acrylic nail tips with maximum precision.

Tips & Tricks

To avoid cracking and splitting, soften toenails by soaking before trimming. Clip nails straight across with stainless steel blades to prevent ingrowns, making sure not to cut below the nail bed.

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