About Us

Dream Silks™ : Is a silk filled duvet with 100%, 233 thread count mercerized cotton cover that is completely washable. It is available in all standard bed sizes.  This product line also includes mattress covers and pillow covers.  Retail prices

Migi Nail Art™ : is a nail painting and decorating system that is very easy to use and maintain.  We also offer lifetime refills and warrantee.

Velvet Eyeliner™ : is a water-based liquid eyeliner with a flexible, tapered velvet-like tip.  This tip allows the eyeliner to glide on super smooth for more detail, control and ultimate precision.  It is extremely easy to create thick, bold lines for a dramatic look or a very thin, detailed line for a classic defined look.  Velvet is a water-resistant, quick-drying formula providing long-lasting, smudge-proof eyeliner that lasts all day without fading or running.  It is easily removed without the use of harsh make-up removers and is available in a variety of soft, natural and elegant colors of black, brown, light brown, blue and green.

Thentix™ : This skin conditioning cream was developed some 20 years ago to help a psoriasis condition.  Over the years people have used it to remedy  skin conditions like acne, chapped skin, chapped lips, sunburn, impetigo, blisters, radiation burns, cradle cap, poison ivy, hives, x-ray burns, psoriasis, bruises, rosacea, fungus, insect bites, poor circulation, diaper rash, athlete’s foot, stretch marks and the list goes on. It penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize and heal and it doesn’t wash off like lotions.  The ingredients include honey, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin A, Royal jelly, aloe vera, ginseng extract, avocado, jojoba, grape seed and safflower oils and calendula extract.

Success stories and thank you notes from satisfied customers continue to pour in from all areas.  This product has been sold in mall, retail stores, home and beauty shows and continues to be popular.

Leather Mate™ :  Created in 1966, Leather Mate™ has developed a reputation as a proven leather conditioner that is now used worldwide to care for shoes, jackets, saddles, sports equipment, as well as leather furniture.  It cleans, moisturizes, protects and restores leathers in one 30 second application.